What would it look like?

The other day whilst in our new kitchen wifey says “but what will an American style fridge freezer look like there?”. So I did this little Insitu render to see how it would look before we go ahead and purchase it. We don’t wont it to dwarf the room and take over the space. Having taken a photo with my iPhone I proceeded to calibrate the photo in a virtual space and scale the scene to match the real life environment. This gave me an accurate virtual representation of our kitchen with the photo being projected onto the model to give more dimension to the scene. A quick search on the tinterweb found me an image of a fridge freezer along with the dimensions.

From there it was a quick process to position the very basic model (literally a cuboid shape) and apply the texture I’d grabbed. with a little more effort I created a simple displacement map of the front and applied that to the model as well, this gives the impression of the shape being more complex by deforming the front area where the water dispensor is, just to recess that area in a tad.

The final step was to render out my not so perfect fridge geometry with separate shadow and ambient occlusion maps and composite them in photoshop over the top of the original photo and composite the final insitu render for my wife’s approval!

Hey Presto!

Now, wheres the credit card!!

If I’d thought about this a bit more I would have at least tidied the kitchen prior to taking the photo >.<