Virtual Home Improvements diary

A diary dedicated to interior visualisation and home improvements rolled into one!

During mid 2016 me and the family moved into our new home in the heart of the Weald. We have big plans and hopes for our home but have decided to spend at least a year in the property before we do any major renovations. So whilst we simply soak up the home around us and get a feel for what the house would benefit from the most; I am going to utilize my skills by creating the entire property as a virtual playground for us to try out all the interior decorating ideas on prior to spending any money on the property. Early days at the moment but the majority of the structure is in place now and Im going through the process of adding the windows and the doors.

The entire virtual house will be constructed as a whole that could be walked around and explored potentially via a VR headset. Once constructed, I will go through the process of separating out each room onto its on UV tile which will allow us to experiment with wall colours and floor styles easily.

Going through this process will also allow us to explore some of the more grand ideas we have for a possible extensions to the family room.

These 2 first images are of the living room on the 1st floor, once Ive added the window sashes this room will be ready for some colour and furniture!

Living Room Base Geometry looking from top of stairs
View of living room looking towards fireplace

At this stage in the process I am doing a few things all at once; constructing the model, placing cameras, applying settings to the cameras and also adjusting the lighting, which is why at this stage the screenshots all look so different in tone and colouring. In these early stages Im a long way from polished interior visualisation that creates a final image, the focus at this stage is accuracy to the model and optimising geometry so that at later stages the scene is still manageable enough to move the camera around comfortable without lag and re-draw issues.

Ground floor living space now has windows
and doors…

The house is beginning to take shape now. With lots of sash windows, but all it seems, at different sizes, I thought it wise to construct an adjustable sash window which I could then drop in to each frame and quickly adjust the size to fit. This will save me a few hours of construction!

The adjustable window fitted snugly into the study bay window and only needed a few tweaks to the frame itself in order to fit. Some doors have been added to, these all seem to be the same size at the moment, so I haven’t created an adjustable version yet. I will however need to build the door and window furniture very soon!

The Study on the ground floor has suddenly taken shape with the added bay window geometry and the doors.

A break from building, time to model some furniture!

Although Im not finished with the building of the property quite yet, I am taking a brief break so I can add a few bits of furniture to the the living room, hang a few pictures and generally star tto bring the room to life. Albeit with no textures at the moment, which is why everything looks so white. Textures and materials will come later…


Our corner sofa modelled in zBrush 4R7. Rendered in Keyshot.
Sofa added to the living room along with an initial idea of a media unit

Ive recently spent a bit more time in the living room of the virtual DIY playground, exploring some different options and things we think might work along with adding a few of our existing furniture bits. This next image is a quick render which Ive played with in Photoshop and Lightroom to add some vibrance and depth to. But the main focus of this shot is to highlight the proposed addition of a bookshelf to the old arga chimney breast. The chimney itself was removed before we moved in but this part was left in on this floor and although there is a cupboard in it at the moment it feels like more could be done with the space, this is my idea of how the space could be developed…

Proposed addition of a bookshelf to existing chimney breast in corner of Living room

Continuing on with the rest of the house…

Entrance hall and stairs to the bedrooms are taking shape

Although not quite finished yet, I thought it would be good to make sure I continue on with the construction of the remaining rooms of the house. Having the stairs to the first floor nearly complete means that both stair cases will be in place and the majority  of the remaining work for the build will be the bedrooms.