Virtual Food

As a 3D visualiser I love the fact that you never know what people are going to ask for, here I have been asked to create virtual 3D food. This was yesterday’s image created for one of our clients at The Argonaut. Virtual food for the 3D pallet. Modelled in zBrush, UV edited in Cinema 4D and textured using Spotlight and Polypaint in zBrush

This image was 1 from a series of 3, below are some screenshots of the other 2 during there development stages. The majority of the food elements were sculpted and textured using Polypaint in zBrush R8. Once UV edited I prepared displacement maps to place back on to low resolution cages which meant the assets would be usable outside of ZBrush. Once back in Cinema 4D I set up the vray materials and built a simple studio environment. Finally the image are post edited in Photoshop to boost exposure, contrast and highlights.