Vehicle Livery

Are you thinking of renewing your vehicles livery?

I can help you with that, whether thats taking flat design that your creative has developed as 2D artwork or commission me to for a full creative treatment. Visualising a design on your vehicles prior to committing to expensive sign writing process can give you a very accurate representation of how your design will look. The ability to adjust the design and make changes to ensure you get just the look you are looking for and know that you are going to be very happy with your new livery from every angle for maximum impact.

This process is not just restricted to vans, any vehicle can be visualised from the smallest pizza delivery bike right up to the largest articulated vehicles. Why stop there if you’re in shipping or freight, the same process is applicable to the largest super tanker through to the aircraft.

Extend the use of the visuals produced by utilising them on your website and other marketing material. This Aspect vehicle livery visual, created for Jason Hunt at SeeThinkDo, can be seen in action on the Aspect website.

The final image was produced as a transparent background png file with included shadow so the image could be laid over any other web elements without visible artefacts that might pop out and look awkward.

vehicle livery cutout with shadow