Thinking particles and MoGraph Tracer

During a recent trip to California I had some time in the evenings to explore the wonders of Thinking Particles (TP), and using Expresso to shift particles from one group to another based on an event. The event in this case was quite simple, I just wanted something to happen to the particle when it hit the floor.


The sample image above is a still image from the full animation and has had a filter applied to it to increase the saturation and a few other elements.

In the months ahead I plan to construct more to this scene which will include a character that will be the source of the particles. He/she will thrown the particles from there hand as if they are casting a spell. The idea is that a wizard is terraforming their environment around them and each particle is a magical seed that grows mystical plants of light. But with work commitments and all the other ideas in my head that I want to also include on this site it may take awhile before that final image comes to fruition! 🙁