Royal Crown – MoGraph animation

Aptly for the Jubilee year, I thought I would dig out an animation I did a few years back for a well known investments company in the capital. The theme was the Tower of London and for this i developed the storyboard which utilised this method across several aspects of the Towers history. This section as can probably be guessed the section that showed of the Crown Jewels. The core creative behind the sequences was to follow the journey of a string of cubes as they flowed around the castle. The treatment of all the sections then followed that cube theme.


The crown itself is based on the St Edwards Crown from 1661 (’s_Crown) . I felt this would be a nice object to undertake using the cube concept as the cloth and fur would create some interesting challenges to portray visually. To create the fur at the bottom I created a dense collection of cubes which were then randomised in both position and rotation, this was to break up the shape and give the impression of softness. I then used a colour shader with a noise channel to create the specks of black in the fur. The velvet part of the crown was created in a similar fashion with the exception of a separate noise effector that uses a more global displacement function to create  the billowing effect of the fabric.

MoGraph Royal Crown from Renay Fitch on Vimeo.

The crown itself was created as a low polygon object that represented the key shapes of the crown, the clones were then mapped to the geometry to build the overall shape of the crown.