Monster Kiosk

Wow its been ages since my last post! 🙁 Been to busy to think about sitting down long enough to share anything! Finally Im going to start creating some posts to show what Ive been up to in the last few months. So, this project, Moster FR kiosk visualisation, I worked directly with the senior partner at The Argonaut to develop and visualise a kiosk for Monster which they could use at the career fairs they attend across France. The units had to house a mixture of iPads and/or MacBook Pros, these were used to highlight the new iOS app, showcasing both browser based and mobile job hunting with Monster. The units are manned with teams of Monster representatives.


I started as I always do, on paper sketching forms and ideas on usability and function alike…


With 6 design concepts in the bag, the Argonaut account managers set off to Paris to present the ideas. It felt a bit weird not being involved in the presentation stage for this project, but sometimes thats how the cookie crumbles I guess! Anyway to my delight they returned from Paris with very positive feedback about my creative ideas and we waited to hear back from Monster with a view to which designs they wanted to develop further. Initially they had only envisaged producing 1 kiosk / stand which they would take from Career venue to the next. In the end they opted for 2 of my designs, which we lovingly refer to as the Arc and the O.


Materials and production


Adaptations for Macbook pro