Mograph and Dynamics

This is a quick Mograph dynamics simulation I set up in order to prepare an asset for a kitchen design I am working on. This is a perfect instance where I allow the computer to fill the capsule holder with a Mograph dynamics simulation to generate the capsule clones and build the end solution. Once Im happy with the solved simulation I go in and hand position a few of the capsules to ensure none pass through the holders geometry.

I have purposely slowed the gravity on this simulation to allow each capsule to find the entrance to the top of the holder. When run at full speed I had capsules going everywhere. Looked fun but didn’t give me a full holder.

The asset is being used in a Vray environment so this scene has been constructed and rendered in a Vray scene to. As this is not a sequence for any particular use I did not tweak any of the render settings. It might get revisited once the kitchen design is completed as it is quite a nice little animation

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