Kitchen Visualisation

A recent personal project that is part of my home improvement diary. Although a personal project this is a typical example of how my visualisation skills can be used for kitchen design and visualisation. This post focuses on our plans to improve our kitchen and family space. It is my own design and is just the initial design to see how the space would work with a peninsula worktop jutting out into the middle of the room and creating two separate areas for cooking and eating. With the exception to the cooking pot and the apples all the modelling was hand built and textured by my own fair hands. The room is accurate to scale with a tolerance of around 2-5mm so gives a good representation of how a peninsula option would work.

After discussions it has been agreed that in this instance this design would make the room feel a lot smaller and might not work for us, so I will be developing another idea in the near future. Watch this space!

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Kitchen Design and Visualisation – A view of the seating area, screen capture taken during the build process – work in progress
An alternative view from corner of kitchen looking across the seating area, showing the stairs leading down from the living room. Work in progress screen capture.