Interior Visualization

This was an interesting project which I worked on a few years back. I was commissioned by a local interior design agency to produce images for various developments that were being built as retirement homes. With a very limited budget, I had to construct all the furniture and the rooms in order to produce a range of still images for each room the company was transforming.

This was an exercise is speed modelling; the client supplied me with images of all the furniture and the fixtures they were going to use in each room, I would then recreate lo-poly virtual models of each of them. Each room was then constructed and the furniture was placed according to the rough plan drawings that they supplied. The original idea was to output each room as a line drawing which they would then use on mood boards. The line drawing at the centre and the images of the fixtures and fittings would then encircle the drawing and point out each piece in more detail.

This idea then developed into the images you see here. Due to the reduced budget we agreed that the entire image would be void of any true detail or colour, this allowed me to concentrate on a basic HDRi lighting rig for each room and render the images as quickly as possible. As I went through the rooms I tried to add a certain amount of detail which would enhance the images, these enhancements included the reflective floor tiles in the Entrance Hallway shot, using real glass textures on wine glasses and bottle through to selective surfaces on mirrors.


As an exercise in speed modelling I was rather pleased with the final results. Just using Ambient Occlusion and Global Illumination to create the depth and solidity of the rooms. The black and white finish gives a moodiness to the images which hides a lot of the missing detail!