Early days with Digital Tutors

So its coming up for a month since I started my Digital Tutors subscription and I’d have to say I am pretty happy with my progress so far; considering my beautiful wife had a baby 12 days ago. I think Ive managed to make a pretty good start on learning and study. I’ll add my certificates as I progress through the courses but in the meantime these are the courses Ive completed so far:

Maximizing Your Wacom Device for Maya

Maximizing Your Wacom Device for ZBrush

Beginner’s Guide to Maya

Your First Day with Shading Networks in Maya

Utilizing Shading Networks in Maya

Getting Started with UVs in Maya

They are pretty entry level courses that give me the foundation I need to build on. One of the aspects of learning Maya that I was concerned about was the texturing process, a node based system this is completely different from how Cinema 4D textures objects. Having gone through the above courses I feel a lot happier moving forward with some of the more advanced lessons. Although I haven’t taken the end exam for the getting Started with UV’s in Maya yet, I am very impressed with how easy it seems to be when creating UVs for objects.

One of the aspects of Digital Tutors that Im pleased with is what they call their ‘learning paths’, these are guided courses that join many of their courses together to give a more intuitive level of learning. They start basic and work upwards in complexity.  The learning path I have now started on in the ZBrush and Maya Pipeline. This path is made up of 18 courses and runs for over 60 hours. Im half way through the first course as I write this, so watch this space for updates. Im hoping over the next few weeks to start posting the results of the different exercises as I complete them. Watch this space…

Below are the certificates for the courses Ive done so far: