Digital Tutors – Registration

In the later part of last 2014 I read a book called Life in half a second by Matthew Michalewicz, which I’d highly recommend. Having gone through the book and liked what I read, I decided I’d give this goal pyramid concept a run for its money and see how far I can go with changing my life to be what I want it to be.

As part of a life changing exercise I decided to jump into in the later part of last year I have built a goal pyramid which should within the year see me moving away from retail design and into a world of character development and animation. Many Goals and objectives have been set in order to meet the desired goal, but a big part of this path Im on is the expansion of my mind and educating myself with new software and skills. One aspect of this path is committed training via an online facility. I looked at a variety of sites and options including 3D buzz and the Gnomon School. For a variety of reasons I have eventually refined my choices until I am now a fully paid up member of the Digital Tutors 🙂

I plan to use my blog to track how this goal pyramid pans out and bring together the elements of the goal pyramid. Hopefully the blog will show a marked progress in my skills with Maya and zBrush and fingers crossed byt the end of it the pyramid will have served its purpose and I will be in a different place to where I am now.

I will elaborate further as the weeks and months unfold! But in the meantime here are a few of the certificates I have earned already with Digital Tutors and I delve into the unfathomable depths of Autodesks Maya 2015

Small steps….Big goals