Corporate branding for start-up company 2D & 3D skillsets to delivery a package for identity and web

irlLogoFULLgrad 1

This corporate branding pack produced for a start-up company includes a simple stationery pack with letterhead and business cards plus the concept and development of the website. The company is focused on the production of immersive technology applications including augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR) and virtual reality (VR). The brief was to create an identity that is simple but with complex and mathematical formulation at its core.

For this I researched and explored a few different lesser known forms of maths and settled on the 9 folding principle of vortex maths, a fascinating principle which reveals some underlying principles and relationships between the numbers 3, 6 and 9. When adopting special patterns of calculations it is possible to reveal a series of infinite looping patterns which is where this logos geometry is formed form. One of these shapes is the Enneagram of personality (, the other is the geometry formed for the vortex math.

Isometric illustration for the landing page of the company website

The company is primarily a software company so I felt the corporate branding should reflect its environment of visibility. The solution for the shape of the logo was the traditional iconic square as this would be expected to seen on all mobile devices. The secondary square forms the basis of a thought bubble where the main square is the idea.

There were quite a few permutations of how the corporate branding imagery would look, involving particle systems and heavy compositing work. However after a rework of the logo and its configuration I moved away from this heavy 3D look and feel and began to explore an entirely different approach, this transformed into the more geometric imagery we now see in the isometric style 2D cell shading approach. Still created in a 3D environment this gives a clean and stylised feel to the graphics and has the benefit of rendering extremely quickly allowing for future developments that will include quick turn around animations and interactive infographics.

The website is still in development but I will post the progress in that side of the project once there is more to share.