BAE Systems – Exhibition film

This project for BAE Systems was an exercise in lighting and animation with a mere hint of model making. The brief was to produce an Interior Aircraft Animation for BAE’s IntelliCabin system which was to be used at at exhibition in Hamburg. The film was to highlight the key benefits of the system in an engaging and informative manner.



Areas of the project I was solely responsible for include:


  • The construction and pulling together of the aircraft both Exterior and Interior areas.
  • A small amount of particle systems on the exterior shot for the wing tips.
  • Adapting and editing the geometry of the purchased models for use in the scene.
  • To light and output the scene in a globally Illuminated environment (GI).
  • Creating Dynamic lighting rigs for the various moods.
  • Manage the render farm process.
  • Composite the elements in After Effects.
  • Post edit, adding the floating text using exported 3D data into After Effects.
  • Delivered on-time and in budget.