Who turned out all the lights!

3D Interior Render Tonbridge Old Fire Station - Pop-up Street food

Here is a 3D interior render of the Street food Kitchen with all the lights turned out! During down time at work Im going through a few scenes and trying to tweak the details in an effort to find that little extra polish. Im still working on this one at the moment, but I thought I would post this image as I was rather happy with the result. This shot has been post processed in Adobe Lightroom to give it contrast and a moody finish. I still have some more adjustments in store for some of the textures which I will post results for as soon as I can!

Final image once put through Adobe LightRoom and had tweaks to exposure and other settings.

The image below is the original editor render which the above image is processed from and even at this stage I am happy with the results. Any additional improvements from this point on will only but help to lift the photoreal finish even further. The processes Im going through at the moment are improvements to the individual textures, adding irregularities to the reflections and bump maps. I am also going through and removing any sharp edges by bevelling off corners etc.

More to come as and when I can find time to tweak!

Streetfood Kitchen render as seen direct in Cinema 4D workspace